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Your coworkers turn the faculty room into Gossip Girl Central. But the truth of the matter? At All. You can let everyone around you go crazy pants.

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While you stay cool as a cucumber. Are you sick of allll The Drama? Calmer waters are waiting for you, my friend. The difference between drama vs.

1. They Read on a Daily Basis

Teachers are really good at giving evvverything to evvveryone else. But how good are you at giving yourself what you really need?

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We get so caught up in going, going, going… Giving, giving, giving I get it. Why doing less actually allows you to be more in every area of your life - both in and out of school. How to make doing less a habit that will help you step into the best version of yourself. When I was a kid, I loved choreographing dance and rollerblade routines that my friends and I performed for sold-out parental audiences in my driveway. I also loved directing, performing in, and filming my own spin-offs of fairy tales.

Yeah, my mom has the embarrassing video footage to prove it. We had my dog, Greta, play the part of the wolf. She was pretty convincing. Just kidding, Grandma. But seriously. Do you know what really IS convincing? We have these pretty little thoughts. But they often do us more harm than good. In fact, these thoughts might be holding you back from showing up as the the best version of yourself at school, at home, and in your personal life. They might be the reason why you feel frustrated all the time. Or being enough. But may actually be holding you hostage on the inside.

How to distinguish between good-sounding thoughts that are actually serving you vs.

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A beta tribe of teacher wellness warriors is launching soon! Some days I roll out of bed, get dressed, and feel like a million bucks. Other days, I curse my skinny jeans for being too skinny. We run to the Oreos. We binge the Netflix.

We vent to whoever will listen. But then the frustration rears its ugly head again. And again.

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DejaVu So we keep trying to run away from it. Or we try to numb ourselves from the awful feeling. Rather than feeling like the frustration itself has some sort of power over us. And fair warning: It might surprise you. How to consciously choose the type of discomfort that will help you realize your goals, dreams, and ambitions faster. Are you ready? And raw. Let me cut straight to the chase.

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And I got one of those knock-the-wind-out-of-you feelings of conviction. It completely stopped me in my tracks or rather… stopped me from continuing to put the laundry away. I heard just a few sentences that hit me like a ton of bricks But the convicting words I heard were exxxxactly what I needed to hear… Even though they felt like a dagger twisting through my heart. How to receive the exact messages you need to hear and learn the exact lessons you need to learn in your own perfect timing. How to decide what your best next step should be when you experience a wake-up call moment that makes you realize you need to make a big change in your life.

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Wanna join a community of teachers who are exploring what it means to live your best life in AND out of the classroom? I totally bombed my first teaching job interview. And that was just the first of maaany more TeacherFails to come. For starters There was that time I showed up at the wrong building for an important meeting.


And not just with silly failures. I could probably write an entire autobiography on all the ways I felt like a failure as a teacher. I wanted to be awesome in the classroom, but I felt like I was nevvver doing enough. As teachers. As wives. As moms.

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As friends. You name it. Knowing that I had so much potential to be great at school AND at home… But feeling like I was constantly failing to reach my potential… everywhere. You can Fail Forward toward anything you want in your teacher life. In fact, failure is the best path toward success. I have so much more on this topic to share with you. How to look for the lessons inside each failure that make your success so much easier to achieve.

How to tell the difference between your self-sabotaging failures and your successful failures, so you can avoid the negative thought patterns that will only slow you down. Do you remember your first interview for a teaching job? I remember being stunned when I saw the huge boardroom table filled with about 15 administrators… all staring… at ME. Because I think I went into shock. And then I started rambling off all sorts of nonsense as they continued to stare. Continued to fire questions at me. And continued to circle low numbers on their scoring sheets.

I felt like a huuuge failure. I bombed it. And I sounded like a blubbering idiot. Now I can look back and see it very differently.