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Barenreiter Partition Classique - Faure G. Drawing on the most recent discoveries and comprehensive source research, the work is presented in a scholarly-critical Urtext edition. Our editions, the work of two leading Mendelssohn specialists, Hiromi Hoshino and Michael Cooper, present these pieces in separate volumes reflecting the latest state of scholarly research.

What is an Extant Work?

Each edition contains the original German text and the English translation authorized by the composer himself. A two-stave reduction of the vocal parts has been added as an aid in rehearsal. Complete editions are available with critical reports and introductions in German and English.

SixPack No 1 Detlef Tewes Anna Bagger 2 two mandolins 6 easy pieces leichte Stücke

Canon simplex 2. Beede vorigen Canones zugleich, motu recto e contrario 4. The Eight Great Suites. Revised new edition.

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Vorform von Suite Nr. Variante zu Suite Nr. Erstfassung von Suite Nr. Originalfassung von Suite Nr. Autographe Fassung von Suite Nr. Barenreiter Partition Classique - Weinzierl E. Where necessary, the works have been altered into a more suitable key and range for the flute. Due to the moderate difficulty they are well suited for teaching purposes. They actively develop and promote the combination of two flutes by means of concerts, recordings, courses and the publication of music.

These three romances give violinists ample opportunity to display their skills and to entrance the audience. Barenreiter Partition Classique - Quantz J. Bach and the Mannheim School. For students, they offer an ideal introduction to the early classical sonata repertoire and train brilliance in piano technique. These helpful additions save conductors and players valuable time marking up both score and parts. He composed a number of concertos. Julia Fischer played it with verve at the early age of eight.

The piece stands out with seemingly virtuosic short passages, varied rhythms and a slight Hungarian touch. He is also the founder of the Great Wall Music Academy, an international summer camp for young string players in China. The piece captivates with its beautiful melodies and refined rhythms.

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He was commissioned to write it in for the final examination at the Paris Conservatoire in Debussy orchestrated it in the summer of While transferring the clarinet part from the already published version for clarinet and piano, he made a few subtle changes, particularly in m. The present scholarly-critical publication is the first Urtext edition of the orchestral version.

It draws on every known source and takes into account a previously ignored source that sheds new light on the piece. The major stopping points in the course of the music have been insightfully and faithfully translated for two flutes. Here advanced students will find beautiful music to play which also contains some small challenges.

Don't Feed the Animals 12 Pieces for String Ensemble - Easy fun pieces on animals geared towards children - Suitable for smaller and larger recitals - Can be played by a variable number of string players Instrumentation of the work 1. Violin, 3. Violin, Viola, Violoncello In this edition George Speckert has depicted an entire menagerie of small animals in 12 movements. These easy little character pieces can be played in any order by two violins, viola and cello, either one or more to a part. It is a fun-to-play collection especially suited for children and invites them to expand on these pieces by adding little tales, pictures or scenes.

Jahrhunderts von Soussmann, Hugo, Harris u.

Yo-Yo Ma - 30 Years Outside The Box (CD, Remastered) | Discogs

The melodies in this edition are easy to sight-read and are certainly fun to play. He is a composer, author and teacher for multi-media production as well as e-learning. The Manchester source has until now not been used as the primary source for a modern edition. The eight pieces exemplify a multitude of dancing and singing styles, with small ornaments and playing techniques e. The volume offers the possibility to interpret the pieces in a variety of ways, also offering scope for personal expression.

The idiomatic piano part provides bold bass lines, typical harmonic progressions, countermelodies, and a considerable number of embellishments. Barenreiter Partition Classique - Im Zoo - Violon Et Piano The kangaroo jumps up and down, the beavers gnaw day and night, the alligator glides through the legato.

Can the pony keep in step? And how nobly the lion strides! The well-known Polish violin teacher Antoni Cofalik takes his young pupils on an exciting walk through the zoo, depicting fifteen animals in simple but distinctive and highly unusual character pieces. When the teacher plays the enclosed piano accompaniment, the result is a wide range of sounds that guarantee fun in lessons and applause during performances!

It is much rarer, however, to hear the joint performance during entrance and exit processionals as well as chorale preludes. This is due, not least, to the lack of literature for the combination.

Schott Preludio Guitar – Thomann Elláda

The organ part is manageable for the non-professional organist and can be played on a small or medium-sized instrument. The full score comes with an inserted wind score in C which is also available separately. Wind parts in C and B-flat can also be purchased. The edition enables the performance by brass ensembles of varying instrumentation. He deleted sections from this substantial quartet sparing only the Scherzo; the other movements where all cut by up to a third.

The work was finally premiered by orchestral musicians from the National Theatre, but a printed edition was not published until the middle of the 20th century. The edition is based on the autograph and on hand-written parts. Gute Nacht 2. Die Wetterfahne 3. Erstarrung 5. Der Lindenbaum 6. Wasserflut 7. Auf dem Flusse 8. Irrlicht Rast Einsamkeit Zweite Abteilung: Die Post Der greise Kopf Letzte Hoffnung Im Dorfe Der Wegweiser Das Wirtshaus Mut Die Nebensonnen Wasserflut Der Leiermann. Some melodies are lively, some dreamy but all are easy on the ear. Both violinists are of equal importance and the melody moves frequently from one player to another. When the player takes on the accompanying role, he occasionally has to substitute the guitar and must play arpeggios and easy double stops. The melody part contains embellishments typical of the style. This famous tutor has remained in use to the present day and is equally valued by players of other string instruments. As a result, this edition differs fundamentally from the only known cello arrangement of this opus by Louis R. The editor of this revised edition of the Mendelssohn Violin Concerto, Clive Brown, is an acknowledged expert on Romantic performance practice.

BA ISMN The additional violin part to this edition contains simplifications to the virtuoso part as well as fingering and bowing which with all probabilty stem from Josef Slawjk. The violinist Slawjk worked together several times with Schubert and he gave the first performance of the Fantasia in January Though speculation exists, the occasion for which the pieces were composed as well as the exact date of their composition remain unknown.

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The editor has supplied a text for the movement HWV , which until now has, for reasons unknown, been without text. The Amen and Hallelujah movements are in easy keys using up to one sharp or two flats and the modulations rarely move to harmonically distant tonal areas. Handel figured the bassline very detailed which plays mostly an accompanying, supportive role, imitating the voice in a few places. The vocal part is distinguished by the repetition of motives, by repeated notes but also by short or extended coloratura.

Presumably these movements were intended for use in teaching. Today these short movements of between 25 and 76 bars lend themselves well to use in church services. Quotations by Beethoven and about him illuminate many facets of his personality, whether familiar or surprising.